Welcome to my online HQ for all of the neat things and cool stuff I find (or make) to sell! I'm Basil, an artist and online college student just trying my best to pay for classes with as few loans as possible! Feel free to take a look at my current posted inventory below and don't hesitate to reach out via email if you have any questions!

About Basil

Basil E. Bacorn

Artist & Aspiring Librarian

Hi, I'm Basil! I'm an online college student studying communications at Drexel University, with the ultimate goal of obtaining my master's degree in library and information science. Basil's Neat Things & Cool Stuff is my side hustle to help pay for the aforementioned college education, so each and every purchase is greatly appreciated! Every dollar made is one dollar closer to my educational goals, so thank you!

I am currently a freelance journalist for my local newspapers and serve as the president of the Board of Trustees for the Mather Memorial Library in Ulster, PA. I also am a professional artist specializing in beading, wirework, and fiber arts.

Silver Linings Novelty is my art brand where I sell my jewelry, wirework, and other art pieces as well as teach craft and art classes! You can find the latest news from Silver Linings Novelty at Silver Linings Novelty Jewelry & Decor!

Not finding what you want?

My inventory is always changing! Check back in a few days or shoot me an email - I am happy to take a look at my not-yet-posted stock or even keep an eye out for the specific item you are hunting down!